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Doha, State Of Qatar

Formwork & Scaffolding Division

The company Has Nine divisions

Formwork & Scaffolding Division

Scaffolding and Formwork is essential component of construction. Without it, the dreams and plans of Architects and Builders would come to nothing. Through the safe erection, management, and dismantling of these vital supportive structures, buildings emerge from the ground to fulfill their purpose.


The ASMA Scaffolding and Formwork Services Division is a major player in providing total scaffolding and formwork solutions to construction projects in Qatar. We individually design our systems to suit the requirements of each job, no matter what the size may be.


Scaffolding services, our range of comprehensive Scaffolding services includes:

  • Scaffolding planning and design.
  • Scaffolding erection / dismantling / modification.
  • Shoring up and propping up.
  • Falsework and Formwork.
  • Onsite support.
  • Supply of Certified Scaffolders.
  • Pro-active safety support.


Hire the best quality products.
ASMA Scaffolding and Formwork have high-quality commercial scaffolding available for hire throughout Qatar at a competitive price.

We hire:
All sizes of aluminum towers.
Scaffolding access Formworks.