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Doha, State Of Qatar


The company Has six divisions


ASMA is a main supplier of container handling equipment for several shipping terminals in Qatar. We are also the market leader in the field of geomembrane works (HDPE lining, geotextiles and geogrids) for engineering landfills, industrial and utilities tanks, water reservoirs and sewage treatment plants. We provide solutions for secondary containment, solid waste containment, water proofing for concrete construction, hazardous medical waste containment, soil reinforcement, anti-gas containment and leachate collection systems.

Further products that we deal in include those within the areas of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for Road Projects, All kinds of Waterproofing Materials, DI Pipes and Fittings (pertaining to water and sewage works) and a diverse range of capital equipment.


ASMA provides an extensive range of products for the fast growing construction industry in Qatar & executed secured supply agreements with leading building materials manufacturers. Being one of the main divisions in ASMA, the Industrial Division fulfills the niche requirements of customers in various sectors including Government, Semi Government & projects related to private sectors.


The division is being supported by the major manufacturers which are approved by different government authorities (ASHGHAL, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Foundation, KAHRAMAA) as well as consultants. We managed to make breakthrough in supplying to major and prestigious projects in Qatar. The division promotes the following products which are approved by different government authorities & consultants.


ASMA are authorized distributor & applicator for 3M, the global leader of Fire Stop Systems providing professional & technical expertise in the field of fire stopping to clients since 2012.

The division is accredited by FM 4991, FCIA, QCDD & Kahramaa offering full service fire stopping in new construction & renovation projects, as specialist fire stop contractor.


ASMA Brass is a Division started in 2013 to support the increasing market demand of Products in MEP sector mainly Copper Pipes & Fittings for various construction projects in Qatar. Within the past three years, ASMA Brass has set up infrastructure, warehousing facilities with a wide stock of different products from worldwide manufacturers to cater market requirements.

ASMA Brass is the authorized distributors for the following worldwide manufacturers


Green Building concept developed to minimize adverse impacts on the environment (air, water, land, natural resources) through optimized building siting, optimized building design, material selection, and energy conservation measures. Green Building or Green Construction refers to both a structure and the using of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource- efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle.

To support the Green Building concept of Qatar and to enhance sustainable development which reduces impact on environment in construction projects ASMA introduced green building products into Qatar Market. These include the following natural products from different nations like Brazil, China, India, Italy, and Malaysia.

The above is achieved thru introduction of new products and services by partnering with various leading manufacturers around the world as and when needed.

Our team of technically experienced DRI’s & Engineers are capable of providing value engineered solutions with proven quality of work in accordance to ASTM & NFPA 101 standards.

ASMA with 3M can be considered as a one stop shop for all type of project fire stopping requirements.

  • Yorkshire Copper Tube, UK -Pipes
  • Pegler Yorkshire & Prestex, UK - Fittings & Valves
  • McWane Tyler Cast Iron Soil Pipes & Fittings,
  • Wade Drains


Division Background:
Qatar’s construction industry has accelerated through an exponential growth in the recent few years. The trend is set to continue progress and developments in various industrial sectors in this dynamic markets contributing to Qatar National Vision 2030, and supporting construction developments for prestigious events FIFA 2022 World Cup. The rapid construction developments envisage greater demand on promoting statutory Health and Safety standards.

ASMA being a pioneer and vibrant in local market, understands requirements of customers greater HSE demand and launched HSE Division to provide required services based on arising requirements in the market.