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Doha, State Of Qatar

Commercial Division

The company Has Nine divisions

Commercial Division

ASMA is a main supplier of container handling equipment for several shipping terminals in Qatar. We are also the market leader in the field of geomembrane works (HDPE lining, geotextiles and geogrids) for engineering landfills, industrial and utilities tanks, water reservoirs and sewage treatment plants. We provide solutions for secondary containment, solid waste containment, water proofing for concrete construction, hazardous medical waste containment, soil reinforcement, anti-gas containment and leachate collection systems.

Further products that we deal in include those within the areas of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for Road Projects, All kinds of Waterproofing Materials, DI Pipes and Fittings (pertaining to water and sewage works) and a diverse range of capital equipment.


  • Cast Iron Soil Pipes & Fittings.
  • Cast Iron / Ductile Iron Drainage Products (Floor & Area Drains / Parking Deck Drains / Cleanouts /Roof Drains / Green Roof Drains / Dead Level Trench Drains / Interceptors / Sanitary Floor Sinks / Hydrants)
  • Stainless Steel Drainage Systems (Channels, Industrial Drains, Kitchen Channels
  • Shower Channels, Domestic Drains, Roof Drains, Stainless steel pipes & fittings)
  • Water Hammer Arrestors
  • HDPE, PVC Membrane, Concrete Protection Liner; (supply & installation).
  • Geosynthetic Clay Liner (supply & installation).
  • Geogrid, Geocomposite, Drainage Cells, Modular Tanks (supply/and installation).
  • Waterproofing Materials, Torch Applied Membranes, Self-Adhesive Membranes.
  • Cementitious and Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems.
  • Port & Dock Trailers.
  • Trailers (Flat Bed, Low Bed), Tippers, Tankers.
  • Container Liners.