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Doha, State Of Qatar

ASMA Brass Division

The company Has Nine divisions

ASMA Brass Division

ASMA Brass is a Division that started in 2013 to support the increasing market demand of Products in the MEP sector mainly Copper Pipes & Fittings for various construction projects in Qatar. Within the past three years, ASMA Brass has set up infrastructure, warehousing facilities with a wide stock of different products from worldwide manufacturers to cater to market requirements.

ASMA Brass is the authorized distributor for the following worldwide manufacturers:

  • Yorkshire Copper Tube, UK -Pipes
  • Pegler Yorkshire & Prestex, UK - Fittings & Valves
  • McWane Tyler Cast Iron Soil Pipes & Fittings,
  • Wade Drains


ASMA Brass can support the following products through their worldwide stockists:

  • Mueller Industries Inc, USA – Pipes, Fittings & Valves
  • Harris Products, USA- Soldering, Brazing, Fluxes & Welding Alloys

ASMA Brass has a wide range of stocks for the following:

  • Table X, Table Y, Plain & Coated Pipes (Yorkshire Copper Tubes, UK)
  • Endex, YPSR, Kuterlite, (Pegler Yorkshire, UK)
  • Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron & Ductile Iron Valves, Air Vents, Water Hammer Arrestors (Pegler Yorkshire & Prestex, UK)
  • Type L, Table K Plumbing Pipes – (Mueller Streamline, USA)

  • ACR Pipes & Coils – Air-conditioning (Mueller Streamline, USA)

  • Copper Fittings for Refrigeration and Plumbing (Mueller Streamline, USA)

  • Copper Fittings for Plumbing (Mueller Wednesbury, UK)

  • Harris 0, Stay Silv 2%, 5%, 15%, Lead Free Solder Wires, Fluxes (USA)